Benefits of Choosing a Pre-Owned Vehicle Near Seattle, WA

Selecting your next vehicle is a major decision. Legend Auto Sales wants to help our Renton, Kent, Burien, and Seattle area customers choose the best vehicle for your needs. When deciding between new or used vehicles, there are distinct benefits to both choices, however pre-owned cars have some very distinctive perks.

There are some major benefits to choosing a quality pre-owned vehicle, including:

  1. Depreciation – Most shoppers can expect a new car to lose up to 50% of its value within 3 years of leaving the lot. Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle allows buyers to avoid the predominant amount of depreciation.
  2. More Car For Your Money – When shopping for a used vehicle, your money can go further than with a new vehicle. With new vehicles, your budget may only cover a base trim or entry-level car. For used vehicles, that same budget can buy you a vehicle with fancier features or is better equipped.
  3. Variety – Everyone has different tastes and it is possible that the vehicle you want isn’t made anymore.
  4. Lower Insurance Costs – Your vehicle’s value is the primary item your insurance company considers when determining rates. A luxury vehicle purchased used costs less than one purchased in new condition.
  5. Lower Registration Fees – Depending on where you live, older cars can often cost less to register.
  6. Cars Often Last Longer Now – Automakers have made impressive strides to help vehicles last longer than ever.

Are you ready to find your perfect pre-owned vehicle today? Come by Legend Auto Sales at 14650 1st Ave S, Burien, WA 98168 or call us at (206) 241-1888 and let our expert sales team help you locate your ideal vehicle. Our sales hours are Monday-Saturday 9 AM-8 PM and Sundays 10 AM-7 PM. You can also shop our inventory online anytime.

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