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Halloween is exciting for both kids and adults. For many, it’s the second most exciting day of the year after Christmas. There’s a lot to do between last-minute costume adjustments and rushing to the store to get more candy, but don’t forget that safety is most important to consider for trick-or-treat time. Below are some […]

Applying touch-up paint can be an easy way to help you keep your vehicle looking brand new. That’s why Legend Auto Sales near Seattle, Washington wants to help our customers with tips on the best methods to apply touch-up paint for your vehicle. Repairing your vehicle’s paint keep your vehicle looking great, protects your investment, […]

Tis’ the season for pumpkins! From pumpkin in your coffee to pumpkin in your pie, it’s officially the season of “pumpkin” everything. But pumpkin isn’t just delicious, there’s a lot of impressive health benefits. Here are four reasons to be totally obsessed with this season’s superfood. (Now you can drink your pumpkin spice latte and […]

Are you looking for fun and exciting Halloween events to enjoy near the Seattle, Washington area? From chocolate factories to zip line fun, there is something for everyone. Learn more about what the Seattle area has to offer this Halloween season for Renton, Kent, Burien, and Seattle, Washington residents.

Anything that prevents drivers from seeing clearly in all directions, it is a potential safety hazard. That’s why Legend Auto Sales want so help our Renton, Kent, Seattle, and Burien, Washington area customers out with tips on how to handle your foggy windows. Window fog is caused by temperature and humidity variations. Whether the fog […]

You’ve probably heard that the second you drive off the lot with a brand new car, value will have decreased. But by how much exactly do new cars depreciate in value? Well, if we take a rough estimate based on average for all vehicles, which may not be representative of all vehicles, as soon as […]

Every great adventure starts with a great deal! That’s why Legend Auto Sales is offering great prices on our inventory all October long with our 4-Wheel Drive Sale. Start your adventure this fall in Burien, Washington with over 100 all-wheel-drive vehicles to choose from. Select your next vehicle from a variety of models, including Toyota, […]

Your transmission is a vital component to keeping your vehicle running reliably. Legend Auto Sales wants to help you make sure your transmission is healthy with some tips on how to check your transmission fluid levels.