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Americans drive more than three trillion miles each year. And no matter how much you care for your car, you’ll eventually need to buy a newer model to get you where you need to go. But for many people, the thought of paying thousands of dollars for a new car is daunting if not outright impossible. That […]

As soon as you roll a new car off the lot, it loses value. That makes spending a ton of money on a brand new car a less than appealing idea. But when you buy a used or pre-owned car, it can feel like you’re taking a gamble on someone else’s baggage. That’s why it’s smart […]

Buying a new car is a big step but what’s the fate of your current set of wheels? Should you trade it in or sell it privately? Which of the two options will generate more money? Which involves less hassle? How do you conduct a secure transaction? You need the right blend of preparation to […]

Car buying is something you’re likely to do more than a few times. In fact, the average American buys 9 cars in their lifetime. Although it gets easier once you’ve done it a couple of times, buying your first car can be pretty intimidating. There’s a lot of information out there and it can be difficult […]

The used car industry has grown an astounding 68 percent since the recession in 2009. The used car market continues to pick up as more and more consumers are looking for better values. Do you need a new car—or a ‘new to you’ car? Are you planning to buy a used car? If so, make sure you […]

Have you been asking yourself the question, “Is it time to sell my truck?”, a lot lately? If so, strongly consider whether or not you should get rid of your old truck and replace it with a new one. Recent studies have shown that most Americans are holding onto their vehicles for almost 7 years now, which is a […]