New vs Used: Top Benefits of Buying a Used Car

Americans drive more than three trillion miles each year. And no matter how much you care for your car, you’ll eventually need to buy a newer model to get you where you need to go.

But for many people, the thought of paying thousands of dollars for a new car is daunting if not outright impossible.

That doesn’t mean you need to keep driving the same beater you’ve had since high school. It just means you need to expand your horizons. And pre-owned cars are the perfect way to do it.

Here are a few surprising benefits of buying a used car you may not have even thought of.

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Everything Is A-Okay: Use This Used Car Inspection Checklist When Auto Shopping

As soon as you roll a new car off the lot, it loses value. That makes spending a ton of money on a brand new car a less than appealing idea. But when you buy a used or pre-owned car, it can feel like you’re taking a gamble on someone else’s baggage.

That’s why it’s smart to know what to look for when you go into the dealership to buy a used car. When you go in armed with observation skills and a little knowledge of the warning signs to watch out for, you can make sure that the used car you buy

Before you head to the dealership, check out this used car inspection checklist so you can go in prepared.

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Trading In or Trading Up: How to Sell a Car

Buying a new car is a big step but what’s the fate of your current set of wheels? Should you trade it in or sell it privately? Which of the two options will generate more money? Which involves less hassle? How do you conduct a secure transaction?

You need the right blend of preparation to avoid costly mistakes.

Learning how to sell a car may seem daunting, but it needn’t be so. It might actually turn out to be interesting for you or can even end up fetching top dollar for your old wheels.

Whether you’re looking to trade in or trade up, knowing how to sell a car the right way can make all the difference to your car sale process.

Here’s the complete guide:

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Top 5 Tips for Buying Your First Car

Car buying is something you’re likely to do more than a few times. In fact, the average American buys 9 cars in their lifetime.

Although it gets easier once you’ve done it a couple of times, buying your first car can be pretty intimidating. There’s a lot of information out there and it can be difficult to navigate if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

However, buying your first car doesn’t need to be painful. There are reputable dealers out there who can provide a great car-buying experience for you. If you do the right research and prepare ahead of time, you can snag yourself a deal on a vehicle you’ll love.

Read on for our top 5 tips for buying your first car.

1. Prioritize Your Needs and Wants

Buying your first car can be an overwhelming experience, especially since there are so many options out there. If you’re a first-time car buyer, you may not be sure of which one best suits your needs.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Are Ready to Buy a Used Car

The used car industry has grown an astounding 68 percent since the recession in 2009. The used car market continues to pick up as more and more consumers are looking for better values. Do you need a new car—or a ‘new to you’ car?

Are you planning to buy a used car? If so, make sure you get to know the most common mistakes so you can avoid them.

1. Start Shopping Without Knowing What You Need

You need to figure out exactly what you need from your car before you begin shopping. For example, if you need something for your family, you should avoid trucks or sports cars. You’ll just waste your valuable time.

By assessing what you need, you can avoid impulse buys. Think about how you will use your car on a daily basis. What safety features are important to you and how much space do you need?

You can then begin your research. Be careful of some online reviews because you don’t always know the full story. Look for more consistent comments or look at some well-known sources like Consumer Reports or Kelley Blue Book.

Also, don’t get blinded by all the bells and whistles—buy with your head and not your heart. You should know exactly what you need and what you will use. For example, do you really need alloy wheels?

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Is It Time to Sell My Truck? These 5 Signs Say Yes!

Have you been asking yourself the question, “Is it time to sell my truck?”, a lot lately? If so, strongly consider whether or not you should get rid of your old truck and replace it with a new one.

Recent studies have shown that most Americans are holding onto their vehicles for almost 7 years now, which is a record. But that doesn’t mean that you should feel like you have to continue to keep driving your truck rather than upgrading it.

Just make sure that you think long and hard about selling your truck before you do it. Here are 5 signs that the answer is “yes!”

1. Your Truck Needs Constant Repairs

Are you on a first-name basis with the mechanic at your local auto repair shop at this point?

This is obviously not a good sign! It means that you’re spending way too much time taking your truck into the shop for repairs and not enough time driving it around and using it.

Once upon a time, most cars and trucks would start to give their owners trouble when they hit the 100,000-mile mark. That isn’t the case anymore, as most well-maintained vehicles are lasting well beyond that.

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