7 Best Used Cars for Teens or New Drivers

2019-08-27 By Legend Auto Sales Blog

The last thing a parent wants to do is worry themselves sick whenever their teenager is on the road and learning how to drive. While there are never any guarantees, one of the best decisions that you can make is buying a teen a vehicle that is reliable and safe. 

This will help them learn in a quality vehicle, and you will pay less money overall in repairs when the car doesn’t break down often. This especially requires some discretion if you are planning to buy them a used vehicle. 

Read below to learn about some of the best used cars for teens. 

The Best Used Cars For Teens

So what kind of vehicle would you like to get your teenager?

No matter which make and model you decide on, be sure that the car gets great safety ratings, has a reliable engine and is a quality performance vehicle that they can use as they learn. 

With these points in mind, consider these great vehicle options below:

1. Honda Accord

For years, the Honda Accord has been among the cream of the crop when it comes to cars that are reliable. 

These cars get impeccable gas mileage, great steering, and handling, and are quite frankly a pleasure to drive. They come in so many different color trims and styles no matter which year you are shopping for. 

Honda Accords are as common as they are reliable, so you should have no problem finding parts and scheduling service whenever you need repairs. Since maintaining and repairing your vehicle is half the battle for ownership, this is an important matter to consider. 

2. Volkswagen Passat

If you are looking to get them a vehicle that is souped-up, durable and high performing, the Passat is an excellent option. 

These vehicles feature a sedan body type with plenty of space. They are sturdy vehicles that you will be happy to have your teen drive because they also get incredible safety ratings. 

Since Volkswagen has been one of the premier vehicles makes for years, this is one that you absolutely have to keep on your list. 

3. Ford Fusion

There is a reason that Ford has long been the standard-bearer when it comes to vehicle reliability. 

These cars get performance comparable to slick cars like the Honda Accord while possessing some luxury features that you’ll find in the Lincoln or Lexus varieties. They come equipped with excellent engines and transmission systems and also get quality gas mileage. 

This line of Ford vehicles was among one of the first to include Bluetooth audio, and they have continuously improved this technology with each offering. As a result, you will be happy to know that your teen can use hands-free calling and GPS to get where they are going so that they never have to worry about taking their eyes off the road. 

4. Kia Optima

Kia vehicles are not only great on the budget, but they are also reliable and effective cars. 

You will be able to get the best fuel economy out of this automobile and will love how it handles and maneuvers. This is a great car to use to teach your teen to drive, and once you hand over the keys, you will feel safe and secure knowing that they are in a vehicle that is incredibly reliable. 

5. Toyota Corolla 

The Toyota Corolla is a popular purchase year in and year out for good reason. 

They have been among the cream of the crop when it comes to performance and handling, so your teen will earn how to drive without having to overcorrect. The Corolla also happens to have one of the best miles per gallon you will find in its class. 

In general, one of the newer Corolla’s will get your teenager somewhere in the range of 32 miles per gallon. It also comes with a lot of different features that will keep your teenager at ease when they drive. 

6. Hyundai Elantra

This vehicle is exactly what your teenager will need when they are getting behind the wheel. They are made with some of the best engines and transmissions that you will find, and you’ll have the opportunity to know that they are safe when on the road. 

These are some of the best automobiles on the market, and there are several dealerships and auto repair shops that specialize in caring for them. 

7. Mazda Miata

When you need for your teenager to have a reliable vehicle that gets great gas mileage, the Mazda Miata is where it’s at. 

Buying your teenager a Mazda Miata can be a great investment into their life and into their safety. These are definitely performance vehicles, and your teen will be able to hug tight turns, accelerate and switch gears without a problem. 

They happen to be some of the most reliable brands of vehicles available and are also incredibly low maintenance. This way, you can keep the car on the road without it having to be a huge money pit of an investment. 

Consider These Vehicles When  Buying Your Teenage a New Car

As you can see, these are some of the best used cars for teens on the market. No matter what sort of automobile you are looking for, you can’t go wrong buying any of these. 

Take your teen out to the dealership to start going for some test drives!

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