The Best Used Cars of 2019 Ranked

2019-09-24 By Legend Auto Sales Blog

About 40.2 million used cars were sold last year in the US. If you are looking for a used car, the market can be vast and overwhelming. How do you know what to focus on or what models are your best option? 

When looking for the best used cars, some standouts are worth mentioning. Use this list of the best to help you narrow down and focus your used car search. 

Kia Soul 

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that this car has a unique look. It has all the comfort and cargo space functionality of a hatchback. 

Sit inside, you’ll find that it has way more room than you think. Plus, it has a ton of cargo space. This means you’ll be able to carry the whole family and their gear. 

This is the perfect car for someone who likes things a little unique and wants a small SUV. It doesn’t have all-wheel drive, so make sure this isn’t something you need. 

Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 is one of those cars that always ranks as “cool” among car buyers. This means that this car could be ten years old and still hold attention-grabbing power. 

But it isn’t all about looks; you’ll also get reliability and fuel-efficient operation. You can choose from a sedan or hatchback. Just consider what your needs are to know which one will work best for your lifestyle.  

Subaru Impreza 

Whether you look at the sedan or wagon model, you are looking at an affordable car that will provide you with reliable transportation. Plus, there is the added benefit of having all-wheel drive. 

The WRX model is the perfect car for someone looking for a sporty performance car. 

Nissan Maxima 

The Maxima is known for being a 200,000 thousand mile car. So buy a used one that was well taken care of and continue that care. You’ll have a car that lasts for years to come. 

This sporty four-door sedan will make driving fun again. It has an incredibly roomy interior and trim packages that add a bit of luxury and class. Then there is the technology packed into the car. 

Subaru Outback 

The all-wheel-drive Outback is known for tackling all driving conditions with ease. It is available in both a wagon and a sedan. Then you’ll find trim level that ranges from downright budget to the luxurious. 

While many people find the sedan to be more appealing looks-wise, the wagon offers a lot more in cargo space. 

Ford Crown Victoria 

There’s a reason this the car model of choice for taxi drivers, limos, and the police. This car is reliable and durable even through years of hard-driving and abuse. 

There is also plenty of room in the backseat and truck. If you need to transport many people and belongings, but don’t want an SUV, then this is a smart choice. 

Toyota Corolla 

The Corolla has a history of being a standout in its class. Thanks to Toyota’s habit of “overbuilding” their vehicles, the Corolla is a reliable car that experiences few problems. 

If you have a long commute, this is a great choice; the base model comes with a fuel-efficient engine. Though there is also a larger four-cylinder engine that offers you more get up and go spunk. 

Honda Civic 

Honda has a history of producing Civics that last forever. Generation after generation, these used cars offer you a fun way to get to work each day. 

You have your choice of a four-door model or a coup. The coupe has more attractive styling, but the four-door has more space and functionality. 

Honda Accord 

Just like the Civic, the Accord is known for being one of those cars that just won’t quit. Plus, they hold their value well, so reselling will net you a tidy sum. 

You’ll be able to find well-maintained models that offer an economical and fun way to drive. 

Toyota Avalon 

The made in America Avalon offers a quiet, smooth ride. This car breaks with Toyota history and is designed and developed in the US too. 

Where it doesn’t stray from Toyota is in its standards. It is just as reliable as the other models in Toyota’s lineup. 

This contemporary looking sedan has a look of style and class that you don’t see in Toyota’s other sportier models. 

Ford Fusion 

This is the perfect used car for the family that has a new driver in the home. The car is sporty and young looking, while the maintenance and insurance are minimal. 

This all-wheel-drive car comes in a few different engine options. You can find hybrids, plug-ins, and a powerful sporty model. 

Volkswagen Jetta 

The Jetta is a standout in the used market, thanks to its extended warranty packages. The warranty from VW is six years and 72,000 miles. 

This is almost as impressive as the fact that the base model comes with a beefed-up turbocharged engine. This compact car may not offer the roomy interior or infotainment system that other vehicles have, but it will make up for it with performance and affordable pricing. 

Buy One of the Best Used Cars

So which one of the best used cars will you choose? They each have their pros and cons. But what they all have in common is durability and reliability. This is important since you are buying a car that someone else has driven 

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