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Winter is just around the corner. So, you’ll want to make sure that the automobile you’re driving can get you through the snow, sleet, and ice. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle to get you through the winter, you’re probably having a hard time deciding between a truck or an SUV. Keep reading to learn […]

Are you looking for a used car and aren’t sure what to get? Just because you’re not buying new doesn’t mean you need to settle. Instead, take advantage of someone else’s pre-owned car and get something that will leave you smiling. The 2016 Acura lineup offers style, performance, and reliability for every segment. From compact cars […]

Whether you like the luxurious look and feel or the supreme performance and reliability, an Audi might come first in mind when you’re on the hunt for a new car. But depending on the model you buy, you can easily spend $50,000 to even $100,000 once you configure your new Audi to your tastes. Don’t let that […]

When someone says “hybrid electric” your first thought is probably the Prius. Nowadays, there are far more options available to you for choosing a hybrid electric vehicle.  As the years progress, technology improves, and costs lower, buying a hybrid car is becoming accessible to more people. If you’re considering a purchase, there are a few […]