6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Audi in Washington

2019-10-14 By Legend Auto Sales Blog

Whether you like the luxurious look and feel or the supreme performance and reliability, an Audi might come first in mind when you’re on the hunt for a new car. But depending on the model you buy, you can easily spend $50,000 to even $100,000 once you configure your new Audi to your tastes.

Don’t let that potential sticker price shock you into buying another car brand that you won’t enjoy as much. Surprisingly, buying a used Audi can give you the same benefits at a lower cost. Even better, you can find used Audi models that come with a warranty and perks that give you more peace of mind!

Read on for six reasons why buying a used Audi in Washington might be the better option for you.

1. You’ll Get a Luxury Car at a Lower Price

When you look at the prices of the latest Audi models, you might worry about stretching your budget and think that a luxury car is out of your reach. With many Audis costing over $50,000, thinking of a down payment and your monthly payments can easily make you reconsider your purchase.

But if you consider buying a used Audi, you may be surprised that you can have a reliable older luxury car for the price of a newer economy model. Searching a used car inventory can bring up surprising deals for popular models such as the Audi A6, Audi Q7, and Audi A3.

2. You Get Safety, Comfort, and Style

Audi vehicles have received positive reviews and ratings for dependability, performance, and quality. So when you opt for a used Audi, you know you’ll have a car that is a pleasure to drive and will cause you less trouble than other used car makes. 

Used Audis also usually come with safety features that help with braking and traction in difficult road conditions. These include anti-lock brake systems, vehicle stability assist, and brake assist. You’ll usually find a tire monitoring system too that warns you when your tires are dangerously low.

You also can’t discount the fact that a used Audi will look great and make driving more enjoyable. From their sleek, luxurious designs to the smooth driving experience, a used Audi provides an experience other used car brands just don’t offer.

3. Your Used Audi Will Retain Its Value Well

Buying a used versus new Audi comes with key benefits in terms of depreciation and long-term value.

You’ve probably heard the saying that a new car loses a big chunk of value once you pull it off the lot. By the three-year mark, your new car may be worth just half what you paid! When you buy a used Audi, this loss of value becomes less of a problem since the biggest loss from depreciation probably already happened.

You also get the benefit that luxury cars like Audis maintain their value longer than economical cars. This happens due to the company’s reputation for quality, safety, and reliability. So, when you want to sell your used Audi in the future, you can expect to get more out of it.

4. You’ll Pay Less Shocking Insurance Premiums

Even better, considering a used Audi for sale comes with savings beyond just the sticker price. You also have to consider the cost of insuring your vehicle. This usually can run higher for luxury models.

Your car insurance company will look at your gender, age, location, car value, and vehicle age. When you buy an older Audi car, you can expect to see savings in your car insurance since the insurance company would be out less money in an accident than it would with a new luxury car.

5. You Can Get Peace of Mind With Used Audis

When you buy a pre-owned Audi vehicle, you can rest assured that you get a reliable, high-quality vehicle. 

First, these vehicles usually will undergo an inspection to make sure they function properly and don’t have major problems. You may also get a vehicle history report that will warn you if the car had been in any accidents or natural disasters.

Your used Audi will often also come with a warranty. This might last a certain number of days or months after the purchase date. However, if the car had any of the factory warranty remaining, that can transfer to you.

6. Your Used Audi Will Serve You in the Long Term

While the company once had a different reputation, Audi now is known as one of the most reliable brands you can purchase. Combined with an inspection and warranty on certified vehicles, the company’s reputation for quality can make buying a used Audi more reassuring. 

After all, you’ll know that you’re not buying a lemon. You also have confidence that you’ll have the seller to turn to if a problem occurs.

You can also consider that cars now last longer than in the past. An Audi purchased 20 years ago might have just lasted you 100,000 miles. But newer models can make it to 200,000 miles – or even more – as long as you properly maintain your car and make necessary repairs.

Now You’re Ready to Find Your Used Audi

If saving money while getting a reliable, luxurious, and high-quality vehicle appeals to you, it’s time to set a budget and start car shopping.

You can start taking a look at the current used Audi inventory on our website. You can not only compare features and vehicle conditions and then get an idea of which models best fit into your budget. When you find a used Audi for sale that you like, reach out to schedule a test drive.

Once you’re ready to find the right used Audi for you in Washington, contact us with any questions or drop by to take a look at cars available.

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