Selling a Used Car Online: 7 Tips for Finding Buyers

2020-01-31 By Legend Auto Sales Blog

Selling a used car online?

You’re not the only one! Indeed, just under 40 million used cars are sold each and every year in the United States.

Given the digital era we live in, you can guarantee that a significant proportion of those sales happen via the internet.

But don’t be fooled.

Those lofty sales statistics don’t mean that selling a second-hand car online is easy. Anyone who doesn’t understand how to approach the sale can face an uphill struggle from the outset.

Thankfully, we’re something of an expert in car sales and want to help in your car selling efforts!

Want to learn exactly how to sell a second-hand car on the internet? Read on for 7 essential tips for finding a buyer in record time.

1. Clean It Up First!

It’s your job to ensure your vehicle is as appealing as possible to prospective buyers.

And, let’s face it, nobody wants to buy a dirty car.

People make a first impression within 7 seconds of seeing someone or something. Giving your car a proper clean before creating its online listing is essential for coming across positively.

Photographs of a dirty and dust-covered car create an instant bad impression that will slow down the sales process.

Remember that people shopping for cars online don’t have the luxury of seeing and interacting with it in person. Listings must make the car look as appealing as possible to generate interest.

Cleaning it from top to bottom and making it shine before photographing it is key.

2. Ensure the Price is Right

The asking price for a car has a direct impact on how easy it is to sell.

There’s a tricky balance to strike.

Too high and you’ll put potential buyers off and slow down the sales process. Too low and you’ll sell quicker, but lose money unnecessarily.

Naturally, you’ll want to ask for as much as possible! But you have to be realistic.

It’s worth remembering that most automobile sales websites allow people to filter by price too. Someone might be looking for your exact vehicle. If it’s priced too high, though, the car might not even show up in their search results.

Conduct some research to settle upon a reasonable asking price. See what other people are charging online and go from there.

3. Write a Detailed Description

The description of your vehicle can make or break the sale.

Don’t assume that buyers don’t care. After all, a car is a significant purchase.

People take the search seriously; descriptions are one of the first ports of call for deciding whether a car is of interest or not. A well-written, detailed and accurate listing will naturally appeal to them.

Think about what you’d want to know about when searching for a car online and ensure you include all essential information.

The make, model, year, and mileage constitute basic info. From there you could describe how it drives, how many owners it’s had, how fuel-efficient it is, and any issues there might be, and so on.

Selling a car in bad condition? Here’s how to do it with greater ease.

4. Use Plenty of High-Quality Photographs

Let’s talk about photographs again.

It’s hard to overstate how important they are to selling a used car online.

People will never buy a car without seeing it first. Furthermore, we’re visual creatures. A picture is worth a thousand words, meaning a quality set of photos can be a deciding factor in stimulating interest.

Don’t settle for a single grainy snapshot of the car’s exterior.

Get a quality shot of all angles and points of interest. Picture the front, side, and back; get shots of the interior, odometer, and anything you think someone might want to see.

Final tip: wait for a nice day to take the photos too. A car always looks better set to blue skies and sunshine versus a grey and dreary weather day.

5. Market It Effectively

Marketing is pivotal in selling a used car online.

You’ll never part with your vehicle if nobody knows it’s for sale.

It’s your job to list it in all the right places on the internet. Specific automotive trading websites are your friends here. You might have to pay to advertise on there, but it’s a worthy investment if it helps you sell the vehicle more easily.

Social media is another asset at your disposal. Post on Facebook and Twitter and anywhere else you know people might be looking for a car.

Of course, Craigslist is another option. Hedge your bets by posting an ad on there as well.

6. Respond Promptly to All Messages of Interest

Here’s a quick one:

Be diligent in responding to any and all messages and phone calls of interest in your car.

With countless cars to choose from, buyers have the power. If you fail to respond to their interest, then they’ll move onto the next car they like and you miss out on a potential sale.

Make sure you’re available for calls and respond promptly to messages that come through.  

7. Be Patient

Finally, exercise patience!

There’s no telling how long it might take for your car to sell. In an ideal world, you’ll post your listing and it’ll start generating interest in moments; you’ll have sold in within a few days.

It doesn’t always work like that though.

Everything from the time of year to the state of the automotive market can impact the speed of the sale.

Alas, many sellers panic and drop the price to stimulate buyer interest. Being patient will ensure you give yourself the best shot at getting the price you want.

Good Luck Selling a Used Car Online!

Selling a used car online is commonplace in the US.

Alas, the process can still be frustrating to anyone who hasn’t done it before. Without the right knowledge, making the sale in a reasonable time is far from guaranteed.

Hopefully, this post has provided all the information you need to succeed in finding a buyer.

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