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When summer weather hits, your car’s air conditioner becomes one of the most important parts of your car. No one wants to drive for a long distance in hot temperatures with an A/C that blasts warm air, or doesn’t work at all. If you’re like most car owners, you only take a look at your […]

The average person spends about 200 hours (or 9 whole days) commuting to and from work each year. For families, with the presence of soccer games, school activities and playdates, this number could easily double. For this reason, it’s important for families to feel safe, yet comfortable while on the road.  Legend Auto Sales understands […]

It’s no secret that air pollution is affecting our planet – and a major cause is car emissions. The more fuel we consume, the more carbon dioxide gets emitted into the atmosphere. So, the easiest solution: decrease our fuel consumption! Thankfully there are plenty of easy things you can do. None of these things involve […]

The majority of cars out there have four wheels. So it makes sense that when people hear “all-wheel-drive”, they assume that means “four-wheel-drive.” However, that’s not actually the case.  So what actually is the difference when it comes to AWD vs 4WD? Which one is right for you? Continue reading and we’ll walk you through […]