6 Tips To Keep Your Car’s Air Conditioner In Great Shape

6 Tips To Keep Your Car’s Air Conditioner In Great Shape

When summer weather hits, your car’s air conditioner becomes one of the most important parts of your car. No one wants to drive for a long distance in hot temperatures with an A/C that blasts warm air, or doesn’t work at all.

If you’re like most car owners, you only take a look at your car’s A/C when it’s already not working. But letting it get to this point can be a costly mistake. 

The auto repair experts at Legend Auto Service can inspect, repair and optimize your A/C system. But before you have us take a look, follow these 6 tips for keeping your A/C in great working order when you need it the most.

1. Get a yearly A/C checkup.

Even if your car’s A/C is working fine, it’s good practice to have it looked at once a year. You might not even know your system needs to be charged, because it could be running up to 20% low and still pump out reasonably cool air. You’ll increase the chances of damage if you wait till your A/C doesn’t cool anymore.

Your A/C system consists of 3 components that must be working properly: the evaporator, condenser, and compressor. Like anything else in your car, these components need a regular check-up to protect them from excess wear and tear. And replacement of these components will get costly, very quickly. The older your car is, the more important this is!

2. Make sure you have enough Freon.

Your A/C won’t make as much cold air if you’re low on Freon (the cooling agent used in most A/C systems). If your A/C is starting to feel less and less cool, you could be losing Freon. Another sign of low Freon is if your defroster isn’t working properly. By pulling humidity out of the air, your A/C system plays a big role in defrosting your windshield. 

An A/C is a sealed system, so low Freon indicates a leak, or failing component of your system. Your best bet is to take it into Legend Auto Service – we’ll inspect your system and make sure it holds your Freon as it should.

3. Don’t buy one of those do-it-yourself A/C recharging kits.

This seems like a good idea in practice, but we don’t recommend it. Over-charging a system can cause even more damage than running it low. An overcharged system can result in damage to your compressor, leaks, condenser/evaporator failures, or even bodily injury.

There’s really no way to gauge how much refrigerant is in your system before you use a recharging kit – the only way is to completely empty your system beforehand and charging from zero (not an easy task).

4. Clean your air filter.

A dirty air filter will cause your A/C to run less cool. The next time you get the chance, check your air filter. If you see a lot of dirt on it, it’s time to change it. In a lot of modern cars, the air filter is behind the glove compartment – but some vehicles require you to remove the entire dash to access it. 

Not sure how to find your air filter, or how to clean it? Bring your car to our expert service technicians at Legend Auto Service, and we’ll take care of it.

5. Clean your vents when you smell that “A/C smell.”

Do you ever smell a musty smell from your A/C vents when you turn it on? Over time, moisture collects in the vents, allowing mold, bacteria and germs to grow in there. Make sure the fresh air intake (under the hood at the base of your windshield) is always free of debris – otherwise it could make its way to the evaporator core and cause rusting (another culprit for water leakage).

6. If you find a puddle inside your car, something is wrong.

Water leaking from your car’s A/C system is normal, especially if you’ve really been cranking the A/C on a hot day. That leakage you see on the concrete is humidity collected from inside your car and deposited onto the road via the evaporator drain.

But if that evaporator drain is plugged with debris or dirt, moisture will remain in the A/C vents and find its way onto the floor of your car. It’s extremely important to unclog as soon as you can, because excess water in your A/C vents can damage system components like the blower, or the resister (which controls fan speed).

Schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle in to Legend Auto Service for a thorough A/C vent cleaning and make sure it’s debris-free.

Make a yearly appointment at Legend Auto Service before summer hits.

A yearly A/C checkup will save you much more time and money than having to replace failing components or damage from leaks. Don’t wait till your A/C blasts warm air – make sure it’s always working for you!

Schedule service with our professional service technicians at Legend Auto Service, and make sure your vehicle is always running at its best.

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