The Undeniable Benefits of Buying a Used Truck in Washington

The Undeniable Benefits of Buying a Used Truck in Washington

When it’s time to buy a truck and replace your old vehicle, you’re faced with a choice. “Should I buy a truck brand new or used?”

While there are perks to be found when buying brand new, it may not be your best option.

However, people can sometimes feel ambivalent about buying a used truck. They worry about getting stuck with a lemon, not being fully aware of the vehicle’s history, etc.

But before you decide to spend unnecessary money on a brand new vehicle, take a look at our top reasons to consider buying used.

1. Affordability

One of the most compelling reasons to buy a used truck is how much money it can save you, both upfront and in the long run. Initially, you need to consider the sales tax on vehicles in Washinton, which is a total of 6.8 percent. Buying a brand new pickup means paying a hefty sales tax.

Alternatively, buying a used pickup truck will save you money on your registration, as Washinton bases it’s yearly registration fees on the vehicle’s MSRP. Finally, you’ll find your insurance costs are less expensive when it covers a used vehicle, rather than a brand new model.

In terms of long-term costs, did you know a new truck depreciates up to 30 percent of it’s value in the first year alone? Buying a truck used means suffering less depreciation. Even if it’s only a year old, a significant amount of depreciation has already happened, but not on your dime.

2. More Car for Your Money

Buying a used truck gives you more options than you’d have if you were buying brand new. This is especially true if you’re on any kind of budget or simply looking to get the biggest bang for your buck. 

Because of the inflated prices of brand new trucks, your budget may limit you on the brand, model, or features of your purchase. When buying used trucks, however, a lot more options become available to you. 

With vehicle depreciation, a fully loaded truck that was brand new two years ago costing $70,000 could now be closer to $45,000. Sure, the technology and extra features aren’t fresh off the line, but isn’t that better than getting the base model for just as much money?

3. Truck Reviews

If you want a reliable pickup truck, you need something that’s been tested by thousands of people before you. Learning how to buy a used truck means doing a little research to find the pickup that’s right for you. 

One of the perks of buying a used truck is that you can check out reviews of the various types of pickups you’re interested in. See what other drivers think. Are they durable, reliable, capable, and user-friendly?

While we tend to put a lot of faith in brand new products, there are often kinks to work out in new vehicle models. This is especially true today, where most new vehicles incorporate complicated electronics and computer systems. These systems make for fantastic driver experiences, but it pays to wait until any design flaws are discovered and remediated.

This also means that if a problem does exist with your year and model of a pickup truck, it’s likely that somebody else has already experienced it, fixed it, and published material to help you do the same.

4. In-House Financing

Studies show that nearly 80 percent of American workers are living paycheck to paycheck. What does that mean for buying a truck?

If you fall in that category, as most people do, it means that you may not be able to get qualified for a brand new truck that can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $90,000. At Legend Auto Sales, not only do we inventory several used vehicles under $15,000, but we also offer in-house financing for people with less than ideal credit.

We can help you walk away with the vehicle that’s right for you, even if other lenders have turned you down. 

5. Vehicle History Reports

As stated above, consumers can be resistant to buying used cars because of horror stories they’ve heard from their friends or family about getting stuck with a lemon. Fortunately, that problem doesn’t really exist today (assuming you’re buying from a credible dealer). 

Vehicle history reports are extensive and cover the most vital details of the truck’s past. For example:

  • Number of owners (and timeline of ownership)
  • If the truck was ever used as a lease or rental vehicle
  • Any major accidents or repairs
  • Any manufacturer recalls
  • Service history

While there are some anomalies, if you’re buying a used truck from a reputable dealer, odds are it will be just as reliable as one fresh off the production line.

6. Less Stress

It may not be the first thing consumers think about when buying a truck, but buying brand new can come with a lot of added stress. You will drive yourself crazy trying to avoid small scratches to the paint or any other superficial damage.

While there’s nothing wrong with taking good care of your vehicle, people get manic about brand new cars. 

Unfortunately, there’s an unavoidable level of regular wear and tear a vehicle experiences. Buying a used truck lets you relax and use your truck for it’s intended purpose, rather than becoming obsessed with keeping everything perfect.

7. Less Wasteful

Finally, while environmental consciousness may not register as a major blip on your radar, buying a used truck is much better for the planet than buying brand new.

Why not repurpose a slightly used vehicle rather than adding to the already exorbitant amount of waste that already exists?

Think of it as adopting a dog from the pound who needs a loving home than buying a puppy from a breeder who, in some ways, is adding to the problem.

Considering Buying a Used Truck?

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle and are considering buying a used truck, you’ve come to the right place. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our in-house financing page and get preapproved online to get an idea of your options.

However, our convenient customer service doesn’t end there.

You can look through our entire truck inventory online. And as an added incentive, we’ll even deliver your pickup truck anywhere statewide absolutely free.

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