Halloween Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween is exciting for both kids and adults. For many, it’s the second most exciting day of the year after Christmas. There’s a lot to do between last-minute costume adjustments and rushing to the store to get more candy, but don’t forget that safety is most important to consider for trick-or-treat time. Below are some great tips for a safe Halloween night.

  • To avoid slips and trips, make sure that costumes are a good length and not dragging on the floor
  • Use a reflective bag to stay visible at all times
  • Bring flashlights when trick-or-treating
  • Always have an adult accompanying young children
  • Remind children to always stop and look both ways when crossing the street
  • A pet should always have a reflective leash when out trick-or-treating
  • When driving pay closer attention on roads and drive slow in and around neighborhoods
  • Always check candy before eating for sings of tampering
  • Parents should always double check toddler’s bags for potential choking hazards
  • Use glow sticks instead of candles for pumpkins

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