How to Travel With Your Pets This Holiday Near Seattle, WA

Ensuring a worry-free holiday travel season begins with great planning for every member of your family. Legend Auto Sales wants to help you prepare for all of your holiday adventures. By following a few simple steps, you can travel comfortably with your pets.

When traveling with your pets, the following planning tips should be considered:

  1. Speak With Your Veterinarian – Ensure your pet as received a recent check-up and is current on their vaccinations
  2. Plan Your Route – Be sure your travel schedule accommodates regular breaks for you and your pet. Plan a 15-30 minute break for every 4 hours of travel.
  3. Check the Weather – Being aware of weather predictions can help you better prepare for issues such as rain or other weather conditions that may slow travel. Weather may also affect your pet packing plans. For example, cooler weather may require different or additional provisions
  4. Pack for Your Pet – Consider what items your pet will need while away from home. Ideas include:
    • Water/water bottle & bowl
    • Food & bowl
    • Medications
    • Leash
    • Waste bags
    • Brush & shampoo
    • Blanket & towel
    • Treats
    • Toys
    • Protective clothing
  5. Book Pet-Friendly Lodging – Contact hotels while planning your trip to learn about hotel pet policies, including possible breed restrictions, additional fees, and rules. Keep in mind that not all hotels accept pets and even certain campgrounds also have restrictions.
  6. Update Pet ID – Add an additional emergency number for a friend or family member in the area of your destination
  7. Prepare Your Pet for the Trip – To help avoid car sickness, feed your pet a few hours before getting into the car. It is also helpful to take a long walk prior to getting into the car
  8. Crate Your Pet – Safety issues are an important consideration. The crate is the safest way for your pet to travel in a car and provides a comfortable, safe, and familiar place for your pet to sleep when you arrive at your destination.
  9. Maintain Your Routine – once you arrive at your destination, it is helpful to maintain your regular schedule as much as possible

Using these tips, your travel plans can stay on track without compromising on the comfort of your pet passengers.

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