7 Myths About Buying Used Cars, Debunked

2019-08-12 By Legend Auto Sales Blog

The used cars market got much of a bad rep in the past few decades. When you say to people that you provide used car sales, they will have many bad ideas about the entire process.

There are cars that shine the brightest when you buy them new. Despite that and contrary to popular belief, the used-cars industry is thriving because it’s a great market.

Don’t feel dissuaded by myths about buying used cars. Many of them are false and unreliable.

In this guide, we’re debunking 7 myths when buying used cars. These used car buying tips are here to help give you an informed decision when you’re with your local auto sales:

1. Used Cars Are Unreliable

One of the first myths about buying cars on the used market is that they’re unreliable. People often assume these cars have defects that require expensive repairs. This isn’t always true.

Many people trade-in their used automobiles because they are upgrading to a better one. Some are also moving out of the country, so they sell off their assets as well. Even if people trade their fresh repaired unit, there are ways to deal with it.

For one, you can talk to a local mechanic to take a look at the unit for you. Doing a car inspection can give you the best chance at a healthy car. You would also need to take care of the car itself with some consistent oil change and maintenance.

2. Used Automobile Salespeople Are Evil

Let’s get it out of the way. One of the worst stereotypes when buying used cars is that salespeople are exploitative and sly. This reputation is something that stuck over the years through their portrayal in movies.

This is far from the truth.

A used car salesman will show you cars within your price range. The best way to get the best used cars is to provide your salesperson both the budget and the features that you want. This gives them a starting point on what they can offer you.

3. Used Cars Are Lemons

There’s a common misconception in the auto world where buying used cars is like buying “lemons”. “Lemon” cars are units with defects from the manufacturer and are not roadworthy. There’s always an easy way to prevent yourself from getting a lemon automobile.

One of the best used car buying tips is to make sure of the reputation of the auto sales team you’re talking to. Check on their reviews online and see what people are talking about. Used car dealerships tend to have clear reputations online, so you would want to take a look.

4. Used Cars Are In Bad Condition

One of the most pervasive myths about buying used cars is that they are in bad condition. Many equate the term used cars to cars in awful, unusable condition. While the existence of such cars is not something anyone can deny, they’re a very small minority.

A reputable place often show around their best units first. Dealerships do their best to make sure they have the best merchandise in store for buyers, so you will get units with great condition.

If you are unhappy with basing decisions on reputation, the best move is to do a test drive on the unit. You can be sure about the great condition of the used cars.

5. Used Cars Don’t Have Safety Features

Another one of the misconceptions about used cars is that they lack safety features. Unlike manufacturer defects, this myth pervades as the unit received trade-in because it was dangerous. This is, of course, untrue.

One of the core tenets of used car dealerships is to make sure that all the safety features are up to spec. Brakes, seatbelts and even airbags are important. The former two are even needed by the law to be functional in full.

There’s no used car seller that will provide automobiles with defective safety features. Not only does it endanger people behind the wheel, but it also gives zero incentive to a dealership. The last thing they would want is a bad rep coming from one of the vehicles they sell.

6. New Cars Are Better Investments

You’ll hear this much online. One of the many anti used car buying tips out there is that new cars are a better investment. The premise is that new cars would last you longer. While this has a hint of truth, you need to consider your budget.

Cars depreciate as much as 20% in the first year, even with careful use. Cars are also, on their own, what we can call as a dead asset. It sounds bad, but a dead asset is anything that has zero present and future value. It has its value as a utility transport, but not as a sellable asset.

Putting your money on buying used cars means you’re saving money for the important things in life. If you’re smart, you can find the right car for the right price.

7. You Need To Pay Cash Upfront When Buying Used Cars

One of the biggest myths about buying second-hand cars is that you need to pay cold, hard cash upfront. While there are cases for this, it won’t be hard to find a used auto dealership that provides local financing.

Many used car dealerships will give criteria to qualify on their used car financing. You don’t even need to have a stellar credit score. It’s best to ask your used cars dealership for details.

Busting Myths About Buying Used Cars

There are many myths about buying used cars. Many are pervasive stereotypes that paint the product or the dealership wrong. With the right information, however, you’ll find the right car and sift through the bad details without a problem.

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